Reviews for Lab Coats in Hollywood

"In the book, Kirby balances a thoughtful analysis with a wealth of well-researched anecdotes that reveal a previously hidden but important part of the culture of science. ...For movie-lovers everywhere, it provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how art and science meet in producing motion pictures we find delightful."

-Review in Science by Malcolm Maciver


"Numerous examples and interesting historical details make for an enjoyable read. The book is in part a handbook for those who might try to influence the way in which science and technology are portrayed on the big screen."

-Review in Nature by Kevin Hand


"Lab Coats in Hollywood opens a fascinating window on to the world of science and cinema."

-Review in the Times Higher Education by Alison Adam


"Kirby's first book is studded with fascinating details. ...Film and science aficionados will find much to love here."

-Review in the Times Literary Supplement by André Naffis-Sahely


"This isn't an esoteric tome of jargon-filled social science. It's a neat little book for a generally interested reader; direct, clear, thoughtful and communicated with a genuine interest in the people it studies."

-Review in Through the Looking Glass by science communication scholar Alice Bell


"Kirby has written that rare book: a scholarly work at the intersection of popular culture and serious science that is accessible and highly readable."

-Review in Physics World by Jim Kakalios


"[Kirby's book] does an admirable job of parsing and exploring the landscape of science consultation for film."

-Review in Film Comment by Ari Handel


"[Kirby] admirably provides several examples in which moviemakers made fantastic or uncertain science seem real and described how science consultants influence all levels of the moviemaking hierarchy. ... If you want to reach millions with your chemical ideas, you must read Kirby's book to learn what you can accomplish by making Hollywood friends."

-Review in Nature Chemistry by Mark Griep


"Thorough, detailed, and honest, Lab Coats in Hollywood is an exhaustive tome of the history of scientists' impact on cinema and storytelling. … Ultimately, readers will enjoy Lab Coats in Hollywood for its engaging writing style, detailed exploration of the history of science in film."

-Review in Script PhD by Jovana J. Grbic


"The synergy and history of the scientific consultant and film maker is perfectly presented in this well researched, and excellently written, superlative book."

-Review in Chemistry World by Paul Wolstenholme-Hogg


"Above all, Kirby’s book is eminently readable and useful for scholars, scientists, and members of the lay public with a special interest in the relationship between science and film.”

-Review in Technology and Culture by Jen Schneider


"Kirby's command of the subject makes for entertaining reading and, likely, more informed viewing."

-Review in Publishers Weekly


"For that strange corner where science nut meets movie buff, this is a very enlightening book."

-Review in Booklist by David Pitt


"It's an academic treatise, but a very readable one, which will be of interest not only to movie-loving scientists but to anyone who is interested in how 'realty'-scientific reality, that is-is conveyed on the silver screen."

-Review in Pop Matters by Sarah Boslaugh


"[Kirby] has given many detailed descriptions of scientific and cinematic work, and his brightly-written book ought to be enjoyed by anyone interested in either subject."

-Review in The Skeptic Magazine by Rob Hardy


"Kirby's book is honest and true, well-researched, unique, and easy to read."

-Review in The Journal of Mind and Behavior by Jeff Schmerker


"[Kirby's book] contains delightful tales of the trouble that ensues when scientists meet directors."

-Review in Wired Science by artist Alexis Rockman


"[Kirby's] book is a worthy contribution to the growing scholarship on representations of science in film."

-Review in Science Fiction Studies by Jerome Winter


"[Kirby] has given many detailed descriptions of scientific and cinematic work, and his brightly-written book ought to be enjoyed by anyone interested in either subject."

-Review in The Commercial Dispatch (Columbus, MS)


"Is [science consulting] worth it? Absolutely, concludes Kirby, pointing to cinematic depictions, tales, and social impacts shaped by scientific insight."

-Review in The Australian by Leigh Dayton


"The science must always serve the story, and, says Kirby, if you can figure out how to improve the scientific accuracy while also improving the story you can make a real difference. If you're a scientist, instead of writing off popular culture, embrace it."

-Review for ZDNet UK by Wendy Grossman


"An authoritative and Illuminating survey of science in the cinema."

-Review in the Canberra Times by Colin Steele


"The film buff will enjoy this immersion in Hollywood gossip, and it will be useful in the media studies classroom."

-Review in Leonardo by Mike Leggett


"Although Kirby stands on the sidelines as a mere reporter, you can tell he's rooting for the scientists."

-Review in BBC's Focus magazine by Lisa Sanders


"[Kirby's] backlot revelations about specific movies inspires seeing them again with this information in mind. For sci-fi and science-based adventure film buffs, always a good thing."

-Review in The North Coast Journal (Humboldt County, CA) by William Kowinski


"Moviegoers will be fascinated to learn how much-and how little-filmmakers draw on experts to get things right."

-Review in Red Weather Review by Joseph Barbato