Laura and I have had several cats in our life recently. Poe (b.2006) is an energetic black male cat we adopted as a kitten. He loves to play, run around, chew things and get his face rubbed. Unlike most cats he loves being around people. Unfortunately for Poe we recently brought home a new kitten named Paw Paw (b.2011) who now makes Poe's life miserable. Paw Paw is incredibly affectionate for such a young kitten and likes to sit on us as we work. Our young friend Pepperjack (b.2009-d.2011) recently passed away. He was described as "confident" by the cat shelter and he certainly lived up to that description. Miss Pixie (d.2008) was a striped female we adopted from a British cat sanctuary. Shadow (b.1987-d.2007) was our grey friend who I had since he was a kitten.

Paw Paw has decided that we work too much.
How can you be mad at this face?  
Poe is my number one fan!  
Pepperjack says: Laura is my ride.  
Miss Pixie commands: Bow before your Queen!
Shadow the Creative Genius ponders the meaning of life, the universe and everything: "Maybe some belly rubs will help me think better."